Movo Cash Scam or legit 2020 ? Eric Solis Movo Cash Scam

Movo cash has been suspended for almost a month and without any response from the authorities or CEO, a lot of money is in accounts of users all over the world.
Below are some comments from users across social networking sites.


Scammers. They had over $350 of my money and they suddenly locked my account. First they replied to the email saying we’ll get back to you, then got an email from CEO saying too many fake accounts were made so they are locking ALL accounts, and then they stopped replying to emails!!

All my money is still locked! What do I do?? How to get it back?


If you’re overwhelmed just say it, nt play games with peoples funds. Telling me my issue has been escalated and I’d get a response before close of work on Thursday. Here i am, Sunday still waitin. Bigger organisations wit lots more customers do better than this. Is is really sad

And in all their messages there is on-demand verification and the response time to the email is 3-4 weeks and they do not respond. Although 10 messages are 100% identical.

Same email  all users

all users receive the same message

Ceo movo :

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